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Grooming Procedures

You could choose any dog groomer in Brevard County, but at UH Grooming, we pride ourselves on providing quality grooming while being affordable because we believe that every pet deserves to be a cut above the rest. For your convenience, we also have a licensed veterinarian who provides vaccination services for your pet’s needs. This gives you the chance to have your pet groomed and vaccinated in one stop.  Please check out the Services Page and Coupons Page for our current offers and coupons.

To begin, we gently place cotton balls in your pets ears to prevent any water from entering the ear canal.  We then place a small amount of eye lubricant to protect your pets eyes from shampoos.

What’s included in the grooming process?

A complete grooming session includes a full-body shampoo (with medicated shampoo if needed) and conditioning.  While in the tub your pet’s glands are expressed.  This is followed by a personal hand-dry fluffing and cool air dryer which is a method to completely dry your pets hair to leave a “puffed” smooth coat.

Once their coat is dry, your pet is placed on the grooming table to undergo a nail trim and file, ear cleaning and plucking of excess hair.  Finally, your pet’s coat is groomed in the manner which you have specified.  This process can take up to three hours depending on the size and type of pet.

At UH Grooming in Cocoa, FL we want your pets to feel pampered and comfortable.  At UH Grooming we take every precaution to make sure that your dog ENJOYS a trip to the groomer.  Even though they may seem a little hesitant, or shake a little bit when you first bring them in, trust us, they have a great time during their visit.

First, we don’t over book our schedule.  Since we don’t have to rush from one dog to the next, we can take our time and really interact with your pet while we are busy making him or her beautiful again.

Second, we do the little things, like putting cotton swabs in their ears to keep the water out.  We also apply a little eye lubricant to keep them comfortable if they get some shampoo in their eyes.

Finally, you’ll notice that our facility is always spotless and the dogs have room to run around and play or a quiet space to simply rest and relax.  The treatment your pooch gets at UH Grooming is probably where the expression, “Living a dog’s life” came from.  We should all have it so good!  Oh, and did we mention, we’re probably the most affordable groomer in Brevard County.


De-Ticking Procedures

In the event that your pet picks up unwelcome environmental ticks, we have a process that can rid your pet of the pesky bugs.  With a fine toothed comb we go through your pet’s entire coat and body, including the ears, in between foot pads, and tail to search for any attached ticks.  Any ticks we find are then detached with a special tool that removes them, including their heads, from your pet’s body.

Once this is done, your pet undergoes a de-ticking treatment, a process that can take from to 5-10 minutes.  After this treatment your pet undergoes the standard bath treatment to wash away any bugs from its skin.  At this point, they are checked over again for any pesky ticks that may have been missed on the first session of de-ticking.

Finally your pet is ready to begin the grooming process.   This is a very long tedious process and can take several hours depending on your pet’s size and the amount of ticks present.  It is wise to call in advance to set an appointment date if you find your pet with these unwelcome guests.

We give your pet first class treatment!